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Cane Creek Canyon

Location: southwest of Tuscumbia, Alabama
Date: October 30, 2015

Cane Creek Canyon Nature Preserve is a private nature preserve in northwest Alabama encompassing a 350-foot deep valley that is ringed by cliffs and several waterfalls. The preserve is open to the public free of charge during daylight hours, and you can get maps and trail guides at the parking area.

There are over 11 miles of trails in the preserve, and they start at the house of the preserve's owners. From the parking area it less than a half mile to the preserve's most accessible waterfall, a two-step 60-foot falls that was nearly completely dry when I visited. From the waterfall it is a short climb up a hill and about a quarter mile to "the point" where you can get the best vista of the canyon.

Aside from the main waterfall and the point, the only parts of the preserve that are relatively easily accessible (you don't have to walk down into the canyon) are the "tree fern" cave, the trail…