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Rocky Ridge Horse Trail at Enid Lake

The Rocky Ridge Horse Trail is an 8-mile round trip network of trails along the northern shore of Enid Lake in north Mississippi. The trail starts from the Plum Point area, with the trailhead on the left as you're driving towards the campground.

The only map I have been able to find of this trail is the one that is on the board at the trailhead. I went on this hike with the knowledge that there is supposed to be a trail here, but that's it. This trail turns out to be a lot like others in Mississippi - poorly maintained, poorly signed, used by ATVs, and has numerous other side trails that at times go in every direction. To hike this trail you need to know of the general direction to hike in, how to get back, and just go.

Once I got about a mile and a half from the trailhead the trail looked like it received very little use. I eventually reached the midway point on the trail where a dirt road provides access to the lake. From this point, a left the trail and walked along the dr…

Wall Doxey State Park

Wall Doxey State Park is a small park in northern Mississippi, and like many parks, it was build by the CCC and consists of a lake (reservoir), campground, day use area, visitor center, cabins, and one hiking trail. I visited the park and hike the trail on March 3, 2017.

The trail circles Spring Lake, forming a 2.1-mile loop that traverses through forest, wetlands, and the day use area. It begins along the eastern side of the lake next to a pier, and begins by going northward through the forest. The trail eventually crosses a small creek on the upstream side of the lake (there's a footbridge), before climbing up a very small hill on the western side of the lake.

Overall, there is very little elevation gain on this hike - about 75 feet overall. On the southern side of the lake, the trail crosses the small dam before continuing on through the day use area, where there is another pier. There actually isn't a clear trail through this part of the park, but rather you just have to …