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Mississippi Central (Illinois Central) Railroad in Oxford, Mississippi

As of 2019 the Mississippi Central Railroad tracks stop north the airport in Oxford, Mississippi, though they are not used south of Holly Springs. The railroad formerly continued south to Coffeeville, and many of the remaining parts of the railroad in the Oxford area have been transformed. Below I'll look at what remains of the railroad south of the airport in Oxford.

The Mississippi Central Railroad (at one point Illinois Central Railroad) began operation in the 1850s, and like many railroads in the South, played an important role in the Civil War. Union forces under the command of General Grant followed the railroad south from Holly Springs before occupying Oxford during the Vicksburg Campaign (see also the Civil War Earthworks at Tallahatchie Crossing).

When the airport was expanded in the mid-2000s, the remaining section of rails north of town were disconnected from its former route to the south. Starting along Molly Barr Road (just south of the airport), the railroad has been …

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