Lost Bluff Trail at Grenada Lake

The Lost Bluff Trail at Grenada Lake near Grenada, Mississippi is perhaps one of the best hiking trails in Mississippi. What sets this trail apart from others in the state is that it covers a range of terrain, has a couple views, passes a historic site, and is actually maintained.

It is a 2.2-mile loop trail that overall gains 340 of elevation. The trail begins in an upland area along state highway 333 just south of Grenada Dam. The trail is signed to be walked counterclockwise, so the trail begins by following the side of a hilltop (with a steep valley to the other side) before arriving at the Confederate Redoubt.

This site is one of several historic sites from the Civil War in the Grenada area, but one of the few that is open and accessible to the public and on the National Register of Historic Places. A trail crosses the top of the ruins and connects with the other side of the Lost Bluff Trail, which makes for a much shorter loop (and without much elevation change). There is also a…

Little Mountain Trail in Hugh White State Park

Hugh White State Park consists of a few separate sections around Grenada Lake in Mississippi. The park has a single hiking trail, the Little Mountain Nature Trail, located in the park section on the south side of the lake.

This is supposed to be about a 0.6-mile loop trail that ascends about 150 feet to the top of Little Mountain. This is not much more than a small hill, but it is considerably higher than all of the surrounding land, and in the winter you are able to see through the trees out to the lake.

Calling the Little Mountain Nature Trail a :trail" is a bit of a stretch. It clearly has not been maintained in many years, it gets very little use, and it is impossible to follow much of the trail. There is a sign at the trailhead, a few wood posts at various places along the trail, one sign with an arrow on it, and a bench. There are two locations were you can kind of see where the trail was, right after leaving the trailhead, and just before reaching the top of the hill. Othe…

Lee Tartt Nature Preserve in Grenada, Mississippi

Lee Tartt Nature Preserve is a 300-acre protected area in Grenada, Mississippi. It is located along the Yalobusha River along Main Street just north of downtown.

The preserve protects Chakchiuma Swamp and surrounding lands and seems to be undergoing some (slow) development. There are two trails: the North Trail, which was about a half mile, and the South Trail, which was about a mile and a half. Both were in poor condition and seemed incomplete.

The South Trail had signs indicating three loops (woodland, meadow, and swamp), but there only seemed to be a meadow loop, with the other two just being out and back trails. All of the South Trail sections were on dirt roads, with many portions very wet.  The North Trail was more of a proper hiking trail, but it was extremely difficult to follow and seemed to just end, but perhaps it is supposed to become a loop trail. There isn't any real area to park close to the North Trail, apart from the side of the road, whereas the South Trail has m…

Old River Nature Trail at Grenada Lake

The Old River Nature Trail is a 0.6-mile loop nature trail along the old channel of the Yalobusha River near Grenada, Mississippi. The trail is located below Grenada Dam, and is one of seven Grenada area trails, though the condition of those trails varies immensely and access to some may be closed.

This is a flat trail made of crushed stone with two short metal footbridges across a pond.

Some of the trees along the trail are labelled with what species they are, but there is not much else to the trail. The area is a very popular fishing area, both along the shoreline and with boats in the water.

My AllTrails track of this trail is here.

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Big Hill Pond State Park

In January 2019 I went for a hike in Big Hill Pond State Park, located in southwestern Tennessee just north of the Mississippi border. The park has nearly 30 miles of hiking trails, 14 miles of which are also open to horses and mountain bikes, as well as a reservoir (Travis McNatt Lake), campground, backcountry campsites, observation tower, and historic sites. (park map)

My hike totaled 8.4 miles over nearly 3 hours with a total of 682 feet of elevation gain and began at the boat launch on Travis McNatt Lake. I began by hiking counterclockwise around the lake on the Dry Ridge Trail, which passes around the northern and western side of the lake. From the boat launch the trail closely follows the lakeshore for 0.65 mi before crossing the stream and wetlands at the north side of the lake.

From there the Dry Ridge Trail makes a short climb above the lake and goes up and down three small hills and valleys over 1.35 mi. Over this section of the trail there were some muddy sections in the va…

Davis Bridge Battlefield

Davis Bridge Battlefield (also known as the Battle of Hatchie's Bridge) is a historic site in southwestern Tennessee that was the site of a Civil War battle on October 5, 1862.

Today there are two areas of the battlefield open to the public. The first is an observation area along Pocahontas Road on Metamora Hill that served a the Union line. There is a parking area and and some interpretive signs on the hill.

The second site is directly west of and down the hill from the previous site along Essary Springs Road and part of Shiloh National Military Park. This area has a parking area, a gate blocking the old road (which is now a trail) and a sign at the entrance.

The trail is about one-third of a mile (one way) to the end of the trail (plus one-third of a mile back), with basically no change in elevation. The trail follows was used to be the road through the forest to the site of the bridge across the Hatchie River. There is one interpretive sign near the start of the trail and anoth…

Baker's Pond Trail in Holly Springs National Forest

Baker's Pond, located in Holly Springs National Forest in northern Mississippi, is a spring-fed pond that is the source of the Wolf River. There is (as of January 2019) a ~0.5 mile (one-way) trail that gains about 150 feet of elevation (round trip) to the lake.

The trail starts at a trailhead not far off the south side of U.S. Highway 72. Accessing the trailhead requires driving down a well-maintained dirt road that is passable in any vehicle. There is small parking area at the trailhead, as well as a sign mentioning the importance of restoring the forest.

The trail was originally about a 2.5 mile loop that appears to have followed the road at some point according to this U.S. Forest Service map. However, in December 2015 an EF-4 tornado passed through the area just south of the pond and completely destroyed all of the forest in its path. Since that time the trail has been an out-and-back trail that ends on the south side of Baker's Pond.

The trail itself is an easy walk that …