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In a visit to Austin, Texas we checked out a lot of places that I'm not going to write about. However, here are some photos from the trip (also see my post on Pedernales Falls and Hamilton Pool).

Pedernales Falls & Hamilton Pool

On March 5, 2016 we planned on visiting Hamilton Pool Preserve outside of Austin, Texas for part of the day and then hoped to check out a few breweries in the area. But because of the long wait to get into the park, the gate attendants were turning people away and preventing them from getting in line when we arrived. So, we took a drive to the relatively close by Pedernales Falls State Park.

Pedernales Falls aren't really much of a waterfall, but rather where the Pedernales River flows over slabs of limestone. Most people, like us, just visit the falls at the northern edge of the park, but there is also a large network of hiking trails and a separate section of the river downstream of the falls open to swimming and tubing. 
Visitors are not allowed in the water where the falls themselves are, but you can walk around on the rocks under normal conditions when water is fairly low. We spent about an hour exploring this area before making the drive east to Last Stand Brewing Company a…