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Payamatha Horse Trail

The Payamatha Horse Trail is a 5.7-mile loop trail in Tombigbee National Forest southwest of Tupelo, Mississippi. The trail is lightly trafficked, especially by hikers, and is accessible from state highway 32, about 1.5 miles west of the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The trail begins by following a gated gravel road, and after about 0.25 mi the trail splits into a loop. The eastern side of the loop is entirely a standard hiking trail, whereas the west side of the loop is part hiking trail, part gravel road. In fact, the first ~1 mi portion of the trail that follows the road is quite flat and appears to have once been a railroad. The road section of the trail is the best maintained, widest, and easiest to follow.

After a little over a mile (hiking counterclockwise) the gravel road becomes noticeably more overgrown, and the trail splits off to the left up the hill into a recently logged area. The trail through this logged area is very overgrown, but once you reach the top of the hill the trai…