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Shenandoah National Park

Location: northwest Virginia
Dates: July 18 and August 7-8, 2009

Shenandoah National Park is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Virginia. The park is long, narrow, and follows the ridge. Skyline Drive and the Appalachian Trail run at or near the top of the ridge for the length of the park. I visited the park twice in 2009 once on a short day trip on July 18, and the second time I stayed at the Loft Mountain Campground for a night.

Stony Man
Stony Man (elevation 4,011 ft) is the second highest mountain in the park and rises just to the south of Little Stony Man. It is one of the nicest mountains in the park, and I think the views from it are the best. The trail to the summit is about 0.9 mi (300 ft of gain) one way, and from the north it is about 1.1 mi (800 ft of gain) one way. The summit is just as you would expect: rock outcroppings with views to the south, west, and north.

Little Stony Man
Little Stony Man is an outcropping just to the north of of Stony Man. It is not a …

Leesylvania State Park

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
Date: July 10, 2009

Leesylvania State Park is a small park along the Potomac River that was the site of the home of Henry Lee, the grandfather of Robert E. Lee. The park has a few short trails as well as a boat launch. I hiked on only two of the trails: Powell's Creek Trail and Lee's Woods Trail.

The Lee's Woods Trail is a 1.96 mile loop goes through forest and around the site of the Lee home. This trail also goes to Freestone Point on a hill overlooking the river. Freestone Point was the location of a battery of Confederate cannons during the Civil War.

The Powell's Creek Trail is a 1.28 mile loop travels through hardwood forest in a ravine and on a ridge to a viewpoint along Powell's Creek. All of the trails are interconnected to a degree with each other and with the parks other facilities.

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