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My last stop in China was Beijing, where I arrived on the morning of October 6, 2016 on an overnight train from Xi'an. After dropping my bags at the hotel, I went a few blocks to to Tiananmen Square and walked from there and throughout the Forbidden City until mid-afternoon. I had lunch on my way back to the hotel to check in, shower, and rest a bit in the late afternoon.

In the evening I made my way around to Nanluoguxiang, an old city street that now has many shops and restaurants. On my way I went by the Beijing drum and bell towers and later went to Great Leap Brewing, which was the first craft brewery in Beijing and the best beer I had during the entire trip in China.

On my last full day in China I went to the Great Wall at Huairou, where it was cloudy and raining. The walk up the mountain to the wall was shorter than I expected (you can take a cable car up too), but the walk along the wall had just as much elevation gain up and down between the hills.

On October 8, I spend …


I arrived in Xi'an on the morning of October 4, 2016 on an overnight train from Yichang. I was able to drop my bags of the hotel but couldn't check in, and I had arranged for a guide to take me from the hotel to the Han Yang Ling Mausoleum that morning. This mausoleum is located just north of the city and is a much less visited site than others around Xi'an.

As the burial place of Emperor Jing, the mausoleum consists of two large burial mounds and several burial pits. Some of the pits have been excavated and are open to tourists inside of a building hidden below the ground around the largest of the mounds. These pits are filled with many small figures of various objects, and it took perhaps an hour at most to traverse through the entire building.

Back in the city, I went to the Muslim Quarter, where there are many small vendors and unique street foods available. Most of the vendors and restaurants are situated along one pedestrian street, but there are also several side s…