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Rocky Ridge Horse Trail at Enid Lake 2018

I previously hiked the Rocky Ridge Horse Trail on the north side of Enid Lake, Mississippi in March 2017. The trail was in poor shape then, and this time (October 2018) it was in even worse condition.

There is a section in the middle of the trail where it passes a small pond where the dam around the culvert has almost completely washed out. That section is completely impassible for horses, and only careful hikers can traverse around. I wouldn't be surprised if it soon was impassible on foot. Not helping that was a group of large downed trees uphill (on the west side) of that pond that also make the trail impassible for horses.

As I mention in the video above and in my previous post, signs designating the trail can be difficult to find, if they exist. Numerous spurs go in many directions from the trail, and it seems much of the western part of the trail is used predominantly by ATVs.

I didn't hike all of the eastern section of the trail (I just hiked from the pond towards Midwa…