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Overlook Trail, Greensfelder County Park

Distance: 1.12 miles round trip
Location: north of Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 20, 2013

The Overlook Trail in Greensfelder County Park is primarily an old gravel road that follows a descending ridge. The trail's primary destination is an overlook with a view across the surrounding hills and valleys of the park, but it actually continues on to intersect the Green Rock Trail.

I made the short walk along this trail to the overlook after hiking the Beulah Trail. It is only 0.55 miles one way to the overlook. Over this distance the trail gently loses 125 feet in elevation.

The Overlook Trail follows a forested ridge and passes a campsite that can be reserved. There is not much unique about this trail until you reach the overlook, which provides a great surprise compared to most of the other trails in the area.

See my track from this trip on AllTrails.

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Beulah Trail, Greensfelder County Park

Distance: 1.85 miles round trip
Location: Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 20, 2013

The Beulah Trail is a loop on the eastern side of Greensfelder County Park in western St. Louis County, Missouri. The trail starts at the top of a ridge near a shelter and follows this ridge for about a half mile across fairly flat terrain. But the trail then turns north and downhill, losing 300 feet in elevation across the next half mile.

Once in the valley, the trail continues through the valley for less than a half mile. After a short walk through the valley (which was quite muddy from the recent rains and horse use), the trail turns uphill and rapidly gains elevation before arriving on a ridge. The trail follows the ridge for another half mile before returning to the trailhead.

I did not see another person during my visit to the park on a Monday afternoon, but the trails do appear to be used by horses with some frequency. All of this trail goes through heavily forested areas with no clearings or views of…

Glassberg Family Conservation Area

Distance: 3 miles round trip
Location: south of Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 18, 2013

The Glassberg Conservation Area is in the LaBarque Creek watershed near the Young and LaBarque Creek conservation areas. It opened in December 2012 and encompasses 429 acres of Ozark foothills on the south side of the Meramec River.

Most of the trails in this area are former roads/driveways. Some sections of these roads are paved, others covered in gravel, and others are dirt. Hiking all of these trails is about 1.5 miles or 3 miles round trip. The trail around Buder Lake is the only loop while the others are out and back trails.

The primary trail goes from the trailhead up the hill and past Buder Lake. A side trail goes to a restored area that was probably a home site. The steepest portion of this trail is paved. Once past the home site, the trail becomes dirt and continues to a bluff rising above the Meramec River. It was very foggy the morning of my visit, so I could not see anything, but there are …

Rockwoods Range May 12, 2013

Distance: 3.5 miles
Location: west of Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 12, 2013

On a cool 40-degree May morning I returned to the Rockwoods Range Conservation Area for a hike. I started out hiking up the Fox Creek Spur and continued along the ridge on the Round House Loop Trail. The Round House Loop also has a section to the east that goes down a valley (see last year's account). I stayed on the Round House Loop until I reached the intersection with the Fox Run Trail.

I followed the Fox Run Trail to the valley below to see how much water was in the stream. There was some water, as compared to absolutely nothing last year. I then turn around and hiked back up the hill until I arrived at the Greenrock Trail, which I followed back to the trailhead.

The Greenrock trail in the Rockwoods Range is a hiking only trail, and I think it is a bit nicer than any of the other trails here, although they all are quite similar. The Round House Loop and Fox Run trails are quite wide due to use by horses …