Leesylvania State Park

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
Date: July 10, 2009

View from the Powell's Creek Trail

Leesylvania State Park is a small park along the Potomac River that was the site of the home of Henry Lee, the grandfather of Robert E. Lee. The park has a few short trails as well as a boat launch. I hiked on only two of the trails: Powell's Creek Trail and Lee's Woods Trail.

View from Freestone Point

The Lee's Woods Trail is a 1.96 mile loop goes through forest and around the site of the Lee home. This trail also goes to Freestone Point on a hill overlooking the river. Freestone Point was the location of a battery of Confederate cannons during the Civil War.

Powell's Creek Trail

The Powell's Creek Trail is a 1.28 mile loop travels through hardwood forest in a ravine and on a ridge to a viewpoint along Powell's Creek. All of the trails are interconnected to a degree with each other and with the parks other facilities.

Wetland along the Powell's Creek Trail

Powell's Creek

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