Little City of Rocks

Location: Gooding, Idaho
Date: July 10, 2011

Little City of Rocks

The Little City of Rocks Wilderness Study Area is a collection of odd rock formations at  the northern edge of the Snake River plain in the high desert of southern Idaho.  This area is neither the same as nor located near the City of Rocks National Reserve in far southern Idaho.

View from atop one of the rocks

Located between Gooding and Fairfield on Idaho state route 46, the Little City of Rocks can be accessed from a one mile dirt access road that can be in rough condition.  From the parking area, an unmarked trail goes through the valley and along the wash.  The rock formations make up the sides of the valley and last for about 1.5 miles up the valley.  Take a walk off the trail to explore the rocks, and you may find a few natural arches.

One of the larger arches at left

The Little City of Rocks is one of several Wilderness Study Areas in the Bennett Hills managed by the Shoshone Field Office.  West from the Little City of Rocks you would reach Black Canyon, Gooding City of Rocks East, Gooding City of Rocks West, and Deer Creek Wilderness Study Areas.  Wilderness Study Areas are places of significance with wilderness characteristics maintained by the Bureau of Land Management similar to wilderness areas until congress officially designates them wilderness areas.  The Gooding City of Rocks is a similar, but much larger and less accessible area of rock formations similar to the Little City of Rocks.

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