W.M. Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park

The W.M. Browning Cretaceous Fossil Park is a small site in northeast Mississippi where anyone can dig, search, and collect 75 million year old fossils. The park is located on Twenty Mile Creek at the intersection of U.S. Route 45 and road 7450 in Baldwyn, Mississippi.

The W.M. Browning Cretacceous Fossil Park and route 45

The stream at this site passes through rock formations that erode into a fossil bed exposing fossils of sharks, mollusks (oysters, scallops), sponges, turtles, crocodiles, mosasaurs, dinosaurs, and other creatures from the Cretaceous period 75 million years ago. This publication has information about many of the commonly found fossils at the park. The shark teeth are the most popular fossils collected from the site while many of the others are easily overlooked.

Collecting at the site is open to the public, requires no permits, and is relatively easy. It is best to go with water shoes (or waders in colder weather), a shovel, and a sifter (see video). Dig around the large concretions in the stream, sift through the debris, and collect the fossils you find.

The best areas for collecting in the park are directly below the parking lot and the highway bridges.

Shark teeth collected at the park

Other fossils collected at the park

There are more photos of this site in this album.


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