West Rim Trail, Zion National Park

Date: January 15, 2011

Cathedral Mountain

The West Rim Trail in Zion National Park goes from the Grotto in Zion Canyon to Lava Point on the Kolob Plateau.  But on my hike in mid January I stopped below Cabin Spring after hiking from the Grotto.

Zion Canyon and the Great White Throne

The route follows the same as that to Angel's Landing up to Scout Lookout via Refrigerator Canyon.  From here it travels a short distance along the top of the cliffs before descending a little ways into a small canyon and crossing a bridge.  The trail skirts along the base of Cathedral Mountain and up Telephone Canyon before ascending up to Cabin Spring and going on to Lava Point and by Firepit Knoll.

Looking towards the Narrows

During my hike, there was about of foot of fairly fresh snow on the trail and no tracks of previous visitors, which made for fairly difficult travel across the slickrock.  So after going a couple miles I decided to turn around and visit another time, which I have yet to do.

Telephone Canyon (Cabin Spring is on top of this mesa)

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