Organ Mountains, NM

Location: east of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Date: February 22, 2011

The Organ Mountains from the east

The Organ Mountains located in south central New Mexico are a popular hiking and climbing destination for local residents.  The mountains are managed by the Bureau of Land Management and southeast of White Sand National Monument.

Looking east from Aguierre Springs Campground

I arrived just before sunset on a February evening and left early the next morning on my way to White Sands, so I did not get to do any hiking.  I stayed at the Aguierre Springs Campground on the east side of the mountains overlooking White Sands Missile Range.  Entry to the Organ Mountains is prohibited after dark, although campers can leave but not return.  The mountains have 860 plant species, making them the most biologically diverse mountain range in New Mexico.

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