LaBarque Creek Conservation Area

Distance: ~3 mi (4.8 km) round trip
Location: Pacific, Missouri
Date: June 24, 2012

LaBarque Creek Conservation Area is in northern Jefferson County, Missouri south of Pacific and southwest of Eureka. The area is in the LaBarque Creek watershed, which has a large variety of ecological communities and aquatic species. The Young Conservation Area is about two miles northeast of LaBarque Creek Conservation Area.

Three-toed box turtle

A three mile round trip loop hiking trail is in the eastern part of the conservation area. This trail begins at an elevation of just under 500 feet and rises to just over 800 feet at the southernmost point on the trail (see map here). There are some short climbs and descents in the middle portions of the trail. Much of the trail has gentle to moderate climbs and descents, but there are a few steeper sections.

Long-tailed salamander

Most of the the area is forested hills with interspersed glades. Some of the valleys have some interesting rock outcroppings along the streams, and there would probably be a few nice waterfalls if there was flowing water in the streams. I saw several three-toed box turtles, frogs, deer, and a long-tailed salamander during my hike. 

See this post about my trip in 2013.

This would be a nice waterfall

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