Rock Quarry Trail, Rockwoods Reservation

Distance: 2.2 mi (3.5 km)
Location: Wildwood, Missouri
Date: August 6, 2012

The quarry

The Rock Quarry Trail is one of the five major trails in Rockwoods Reservation (see map here). This trail can be hiked as either a short 1.0 mile long loop or a longer 2.2 mile loop.

The trail approaching the quarry

There are two trialheads, both along Glencoe Road. The first is near the park's offices and is the trailhead for those who wish to hike the short loop only. This trailhead is near the trailheads for the Green Rock Trail and Trail Among the Trees, and a brochure about the area's trees is available at this trailhead. The second is a short distance up the road from the office and is located near the namesake rock quarry. Either trailhead works for someone hiking the long loop.

The small "cave" - it is no deeper than you can see here

I began my hike at the second trailhead, and after walking up a valley for a short distance I soon reached the rock quarry. While this area is now completely forested, cliffs, rock piles, and a small artificial cave are evidence that there was once a quarry here. I thought this was the most interesting section of the trail because it had a variety of features packed into a small area.

An overview of part of the quarry

After leaving the quarry the trail climbs gains about 150 feet in elevation before reaching the hill top. The trail then follows the top of the hill until it reaches the short loop cutoff, which happened to be closed during my visit. After this intersection the trail turns downhill and exits into the field along Glencoe Road near the park office. The trail parallels the road and is flat back to the upper trailhead.

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