Marsh Island Natural Area

Location: Orono, Maine
Dates: April 30 and July 28, 2010

The beaver pond in April

The Marsh Island Natural Area is the name given to an Orono Land Trust parcel and surrounding properties with a network of hiking trails open to the public on the southeast side of Marsh Island. While this network of trails is mostly flat, there are a few small hills, and the Penobscot River is about 100 feet in elevation below most of the trails. See trail network map here.

The marsh in July

Reaching the river on the southern side of the trail network requires descending to about 100 feet, crossing a railroad, and following a long, raised mound between the river and a marsh and beaver pond.

A ruby-throated hummingbird at a cardinal flower along the river in July

In late April water levels were still high, so it was difficult to get close to the river. But in July I could walk well out into the river bed that flooded three months earlier. These trails aren't heavily used, very well maintained, or well marked, so there were a few places where it was difficult to know exactly which trail went where.
Penobscot River in April
Penobscot River in July

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