Overlook Trail, Greensfelder County Park

Distance: 1.12 miles round trip
Location: north of Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 20, 2013

The Overlook Trail in Greensfelder County Park is primarily an old gravel road that follows a descending ridge. The trail's primary destination is an overlook with a view across the surrounding hills and valleys of the park, but it actually continues on to intersect the Green Rock Trail.

I made the short walk along this trail to the overlook after hiking the Beulah Trail. It is only 0.55 miles one way to the overlook. Over this distance the trail gently loses 125 feet in elevation.

The view from the overlook

The Overlook Trail follows a forested ridge and passes a campsite that can be reserved. There is not much unique about this trail until you reach the overlook, which provides a great surprise compared to most of the other trails in the area.

See my track from this trip on AllTrails.

A typical scene along the Overlook Trail

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