Rockwoods Range May 12, 2013

Distance: 3.5 miles
Location: west of Eureka, Missouri
Date: May 12, 2013
Fox Creek Spur

On a cool 40-degree May morning I returned to the Rockwoods Range Conservation Area for a hike. I started out hiking up the Fox Creek Spur and continued along the ridge on the Round House Loop Trail. The Round House Loop also has a section to the east that goes down a valley (see last year's account). I stayed on the Round House Loop until I reached the intersection with the Fox Run Trail.

Round House Loop Trail

I followed the Fox Run Trail to the valley below to see how much water was in the stream. There was some water, as compared to absolutely nothing last year. I then turn around and hiked back up the hill until I arrived at the Greenrock Trail, which I followed back to the trailhead.

Greenrock Trail

The Greenrock trail in the Rockwoods Range is a hiking only trail, and I think it is a bit nicer than any of the other trails here, although they all are quite similar. The Round House Loop and Fox Run trails are quite wide due to use by horses and mountain bikers. All of these trails traverse the very hill terrain, going up and down hills and across ridges.

Go here to see detailed route information and a map at AllTrails. Note that this is incomplete because I did not start tracking until over 0.5 mi in.

Greenrock Trail

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