Location: western Illinois, near St. Louis
Date: July 3, 2012

Monks Mound (source: Wikimedia Commons/TimVickers)

Cahokia was the site of an ancient Native American city from about 600-1400 CE on the east side of the Mississippi River from what is now St. Louis. Cahokia once contain 120 man-made mounds, the largest of which is Monks Mound at 100 feet high, 955 feet long, and 775 feet wide.

Looking south from Monks Mound (source: Wikimedia Commons/Skubasteve834)

It is believed that at its peak, Cahokia had a population at least as large as any European city at the time and larger than any city in the United States until about 1800. Cahokia is one of only 21 World Heritage Sites in the United States.

Looking west from Monks Mound (source: Wikimedia Commons/Caroline)

West of Monks Mound is Woodhenge, the location of a timber circle that marked solstices and equinoxes. During my visit I only made the quick walk up Monks Mound and stopped at Woodhenge, but there is much more to the area.

Woodhenge reconstructed today (source: Wikimedia Commons/QuartierLatin1968)

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