Dealey Plaza & 6th Floor Museum

Location: Dallas, Texas
Dates: November 29-30, 2013

Dealey Plaza with Old Red in the background. X marks the approximate location where JFK was shot.

Dealey Plaza was the location of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The adjacent Book Depository building was the location from which Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots on the sixth floor.

Book Depository - The leftmost window on the sixth floor is where Oswald was.

Today the building is the home of the Sixth Floor Museum, which is a museum dedicated to JFK and the assassination. The majority of the museum occupies the sixth floor of the building (no photography allowed in it, including out the windows), although there a a couple exhibits on the seventh floor, where photography is allowed. From the sixth floor you can look out windows over Dealey Plaza, but the actual window that the shots were fired from is blocked off by a glass wall. Museum tickets can be reserved for specific times as they only let a certain number of people into the museum at once, and there was always a line outside of the building on both days I was in the area.

Dealey Plaza and Elm Street with the Grassy Knoll at left and Book Depository at right

Dealey Plaza itself remains in largely the same condition it was in 1963, and there are several signs as well as people around to explain what went on in the area. An X has been painted into the center lane on Elm Street marking the approximate location where JFK was when he was shot.

Dealey Plaza looking towards the Grassy Knoll at center

Old Red

Also next to the plaza is the Old Red Museum located in the former Dallas County courthouse and now a museum about the region, but I didn't stop there. A block to the east of Dealey Plaza is the JFK Memorial, which is a square concrete structure representing an open tomb and symbolizing the freedom of Kennedy's spirit.

JFK Memorial

Inside the JFK Memorial

Bank of America Plaza (tallest building in Dallas) from JFK Memorial Plaza

JFK Memorial Plaza and downtown Dallas

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