Choctaw Lake, Tombigbee National Forest

Location: Ackerman, Mississippi
Date: October 25, 2014
Distance: ~6 miles

Choctaw Lake from the southwest corner of the dam

Choctaw Lake is a reservoir in Tombigbee National Forest and has a variety of developed recreation facilities around it. There is a campground, picnic areas, boat access, 37 miles of hiking trails, dirt roads for bicycling, among others. I began by parking at the northeast side of the dam and hiking down the Beaver Lodge Trail for approximately two miles before connecting onto the Splashing Dog Trail and hiking another two miles back towards the dam. There is a map here, but the Splashing Dog Trail is not shown but roughly parallels the Beaver Lodge Trail except on the southwest side of the stream. These two trails mostly went through forest, but also went around a pond and along a stream and have a few small hills, but are an easy hike.

Mushroom along the Beaver Lodge Trail

Once back at the dam, I continued on a loop by taking the Lakeside Trail all the way around the lake back to the trailhead I parked at. The Lakeside Trail is wide, flat, and contains several boardwalks with great views of the lake all the way around.

Mushroom with a spider on it along the Beaver Lodge Trail
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