Kennedy Space Center

Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida
Date: December 19, 2014

Space Shuttle Atlantis

I planned to go to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to see the SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-5 launch, but it was scrubbed until January. I went to KSC anyway and visited the rocket garden before going into the new building that houses Space Shuttle Atlantis. There were a lot of exhibits in this building, including a replica of the Hubble Space Telescope and a flight simulator. In the flight simulator you were strapped into a seat and pretty much shaken around a bit, but wasn't even close to as intense as the Mission: Space ride at Epcot.

After leaving the Atlantis building, I took the tour bus to the Saturn V Center. This was supposed to be a tour that also took you to the former shuttle launch pads, but because there was supposed to be launch on that day the bus went straight between the two buildings and past the Vehicle Assembly Building. The tour was shortened even though the launch was scrubbed and had been set to launch from a launch pad to the south. The Saturn V Center displays a Saturn V rocket, the Apollo 14 Command Module, and Apollo Lunar Module, and other things related to the Apollo missions. I took the bus back the main visitor center complex and stopped by a few of the other exhibits and shop before leaving.

Saturn V

Saturn IB

Rocket Garden

Orion mock-up

View from Saturn V Center with the Vehicle Assembly Building at right

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