Mount Willard

The view from Mount Willard

The hike to Mount Willard is a moderate 3.2-mile (round trip) hike that gains nearly 1000 feet in elevation in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire.  As far as mountain hikes go in the White Mountains, this is a relatively easy hike, but the elevation gain is still fairly decent and continuous throughout.

The start of the trail to Mount Willard

Centennial Pool

This trail is relatively heavily trafficked, and on a weekday in May I saw maybe 20 other people on the trail. The actual summit of Mount Willard is only around 2800 feet above sea level, much lower than many of the surrounding peaks. However, the south side of the peak is an exposed rocky cliff that drops off and overlooks the valley below.

The trail departs at the Crawford Notch Depot, and you must cross the railroad tracks to start the trail. The first part of the trail is very easy hiking, but it soon begins gaining elevation. Soon enough the trail reaches Centennial Pool, which includes a small waterfall on a mountain stream.

After Centennial Pool, the trail turns further up the mountain and continues gaining elevation until it reaches the top of the mountain. I don't think the trail ever crosses the exact summit of Mount Willard, but it crosses a relatively flat area on the top of the mountain before emerging from the forest onto the cliffs at the end of the trail. Overall, this is a nice, relatively short, but not too easy hike with a great view in the White Mountains.

This is what much of the trail up Mount Willard is like

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