Sandstone Fitness Trail at Sardis Lake

The Sandstone Fitness Trail near the trailhead

The Sandstone Fitness Trail is one of three trails below the dam at Sardis Lake, and it starts at the same trailhead as the Sandstone Nature Trail (the other trail being the Clear Springs Nature Trail). The fitness trail is a 1.7-mile loop with 118 feet of total elevation gain on a fairly well-maintained trail. Much of the trail is a gravel path, and there are numerous descriptive workout stations along the length of the trail, hence the "fitness" part.

This is an easy to follow trail that partially passes through forest, with the other half between the forest edge and the road/dam. On the several times I've been to this trail and the Sandstone Nature Trail, including this November morning, I've only once or twice seen any other visitors.

More photos of the trails at Sardis Lake in this album.
See my track on AllTrails.

A small footbridge on the fitness trail in the forest

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