Quail Run Trail at Enid Lake in George P. Cossar State Park

The Quail Run Trail is a 2.2-mile partial loop trail in George P. Cossar State Park along the southern side of Enid Lake, Mississippi.

The trail as it crosses the stream

The trailhead is located near the boat ramp in the park and is marked by an old sign. The entirety of the trail passes through forest, but a large portion of the trail closely follows the park road.

The trail is formed by an out-and-back portion that is a half mile long (hiked twice for 1 mile total), along with a 1.2-mile loop section that follows a ridge, descends into a small valley, crosses a stream, goes back up hill to the park entrance, and returns back towards the trailhead.

The trailhead

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The Quail Run Trail passing through the forest

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