Bailey's Woods Trail in Oxford, Mississippi

Bailey's Woods Trail is a 0.6-mile (one way) trail in Oxford, Mississippi that William Faulkner was known to walk through. This is a fairly well-maintained hiking trail that goes from Rowan Oak (Faulkner's home) to the University of Mississippi Museum.

Bridge on the Bailey's Woods Trail

Most of the trail is through forest, although a short section near the museum is along a grassy power line corridor. There are some steps, small hills, and one bridge (plus some boardwalk-type sections) on the trail, along with a side path to the baseball stadium.

The trail is a nice, quiet walk through a patch of forest in the middle of town. It is open to pedestrians only (no bicycles) and is a designated National Recreation Trail.

See the official map here or on AllTrails and more of my photos here.

Bailey's Woods Trail

Rowan Oak

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