Lee Tartt Nature Preserve in Grenada, Mississippi

Lee Tartt Nature Preserve is a 300-acre protected area in Grenada, Mississippi. It is located along the Yalobusha River along Main Street just north of downtown.

Boardwalk observation platform along the South Trail

The preserve protects Chakchiuma Swamp and surrounding lands and seems to be undergoing some (slow) development. There are two trails: the North Trail, which was about a half mile, and the South Trail, which was about a mile and a half. Both were in poor condition and seemed incomplete.

The South Trail had signs indicating three loops (woodland, meadow, and swamp), but there only seemed to be a meadow loop, with the other two just being out and back trails. All of the South Trail sections were on dirt roads, with many portions very wet.  The North Trail was more of a proper hiking trail, but it was extremely difficult to follow and seemed to just end, but perhaps it is supposed to become a loop trail. There isn't any real area to park close to the North Trail, apart from the side of the road, whereas the South Trail has more available parking and is closer to town.

Chakchiuma Swamp along the South Trail
At the time of my visit there was essentially no information online and no maps of the preserve (either online or at the preserve). The Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp website is very much incomplete, but check back and maybe it will be updated. I think this could be a really nice small nature preserve it is better developed and cared for.

My tracks of these hikes are on AllTrails: North Trail, South Trail

The North Trail just inside the forest from the trailhead

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