Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail

The Natchez Trace Trail is a collection of disconnected trails along the Natchez Trace Parkway, a unit of the National Park Service in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

The trail approaching the boardwalk

I hiked part of one section of this trail, the Blackland Prairie section, in Tupelo, Mississippi. This section is about six miles from southern end to northern end, but there are also several additional trail sections that parallel the main trail in some places.

Many parts of the trail are either directly along the parkway, along other roads (or cross other roads and railroads), or near residential or other areas outside of the park. The southern section of this trail on my hike in April was very muddy in many areas and generally poorly signed. You should definitely look at a map of the trail section to know exactly where to go (on the NPS website).

Natchez Trace Trail through grassland

Nearly two miles from the southern end is a Chickasaw village site (accessible from the main parkway). North of this site is a small nature trail section along with a boardwalk through a wetland (on the main trail). It was after this boardwalk that I turned around and hiked back to the southern end.

Boardwalk section

About half of the trail passed through forest, while the other half crossed through or on the edge of grassland.

There are more photos of this trail in this album.


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