George Washington Birthplace National Monument

Location: Colonial Beach, Virginia
Date: June 20, 2009

The outlines of the home site with the memorial house in the background

This was the birthplace of George Washington in 1732 and was primarily a tobacco farm in the 18th century. The building Washington was born in no longer stands, but is marked by an outline on the ground. A memorial house similar to buildings of the 18th century was constructed in 1931 next to the original home site.

Near the home site

There are other buildings on the site, and it is operated by the National Park Service partly as a farm to maintain the character from George Washington's childhood. The area also has a replica of the Washington Monument and a family cemetery where George Washington's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather are buried. This area is located along the Potomac River less than five miles from Stratford Hall, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee.

Path to the cemetery

Family cemetery

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