Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge

Location: Woodbridge, Virginia
Date: June 7, 2009

View from the platform on the Great Marsh Trail

In 1969 Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge was the first refuge established specifically for the protection of bald eagles. The refuge is located along the Potomac River next to Mason Neck State Park, and it still supports a large population of nesting bald eagles. There are two trails in the refuge, and both are totally flat.

Great Marsh Trail

The Great Marsh Trail is paved trail/boardwalk and ends at an observation platform at the edge of the wetlands. The Woodmarsh Trail has a small loop at the end as well as and observation platform. Part of the Woodmarsh Trail was closed during my visit due to nesting bald eagles, which I only caught a a glimpse of as one flew away.

Black rat snake along the Great Marsh Trail

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