Lead Mountain, ME

Dates: May-July 2010
Summit elevation: 1475 ft (450 m)
Elevation gain: ~700 ft (213 m)
Distance: ~1 mi (1.6 km) one way
Location: Beddington, Maine

Lead Mountain and Bear Pond

Lead Mountain is a small, yet fairly isolated mountain in eastern Maine near the community of Beddington along state route 9.  The mountain is the location of the Bear Brook Watershed, which is an experimental watershed that is a part of a long-term acidification study.

Lead Mountain at right of center at sunrise from the east

To get to the parking area at the base of the mountain you must take the unmarked dirt road off the north side of route 9 just west the bridge across the river and about a mile east of the intersection with route 193.  Just off route 9 this road passes a forest fire station.  Immediately past the fire station on the dirt road turn left and follow the road until you reach the gate.  The mountain is fairly prominent when coming from the west and south.

Pink lady's slipper

From the gate walk the dirt road up to the base of the experimental watershed.  Before you reach the first weir follow the trail up to the summit.  This trail is not maintained and can be steep and rocky.  You will reach a section where the trail levels off briefly and passes an abandoned Forest Service cabin.   The trail continues up a short distance to the towers on the summit.

Lead Mountain from the south along route 193

The views from the summit are not very good, but if you follow the barely noticeable trail around and to the south of the tower you will reach a clearing on the south face of this mountain.  The views from here are much better and stretch to Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park, and the Gulf of Maine.

Mount Desert Island viewed from the summit

Along the road between the trailhead and fire station is Bear Pond just off the east side of the road.

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