Chick Hill, ME

Elevation: 1,160 feet
Elevation gain: 835
Distance: 2.6 miles round trip
Location: Clifton, Maine
Date: May 24, 2010

Looking west from the south side of Chick Hill with Little Chick Hill in the distance

Chick Hill, also known as Peaked Mountain, is a small peak in eastern Maine. It is a fairly popular destination because it is close to Bangor and accessed from a trailhead just of Maine state route 9. The southern side of the peak is a granite cliff with views from east to south to southwest.

The view to the south

The trail to the peak is only 1.3 miles one way and begins at a trailhead at an elevation of about 325 feet. The trail travels through forest past Little Chick Hill (east of Chick Hill) before eventually emerging on the summit of Chick Hill. There a communication tower near the summit, but the best views are just to the south of the summit at the top of the cliff. A dirt road goes to the summit from the trailhead, but this was in very rough shape when I was there. This may be a good place to see a sunrise, but I visited in midday.

The view east

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