Eagle Valley Trail, Greensfelder Park

Distance: 3.78 miles
Overall elevation gain: 322 feet
Location: Wildwood, Missouri
Date: July 17, 2013

Eagle Valley Trail near the trailehead

The Eagle Valley Trail is a 3.5-mile trail in Greensfelder Park in western St. Louis County, Missouri. Much of the trail is an eight-foot wide trail that has been improved for most uses, including hiking (walking), horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Eagle Valley Trail before descending into the valley below

I would say that the best way to travel the length of the trail is by mountain bike. It is well-developed (mostly about eight feet wide) and almost optimized for use by mountain bikers, but overall the second best trail in the park for mountain biking to the Dogwood Trail.

Eagle Valley Trail almost at the bottom of the valley

I hiked the trail clockwise from the parking lot near the visitor center. The trail begins along the ridge as a wide path, but near the horse trailhead, the named "Eagle Valley Trail" breaks from the "wide" trail. The named trail continues to the side at a discrete location that I did not notice, which led me to other horse areas. While the wide (eight-foot) trail goes to this horse area, this is not the main trail, which I realized once I reached it (luckily I was watching the park map on my phone and realized the mistake).

Horse structures in the bottom of the valley

After backtracking on along the road, I reached the main Eagle Valley Trail, which continued along park roads for a short distance before descending into the valley below. There is nothing spectacular in this valley, but there are trail links to the Green Rock Trail, Mustang Trail, and Overlook Trail. There is also a horse area along the main trail, although I'm not sure why this exists in this valley so far from most of the other areas in the park.

Rocks along the dry stream bed in the valley

Once the trail passes through a good bit of the valley, it crosses the park road and continues on through the valley before narrowing into a singletrack trail during its ascent back to the trailhead.

See my track on AllTrails for more information.

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