Spice Bush Trail, Robertsville State Park

Distance: 0.85 miles round trip
Location: southwest of Pacific, Missouri
Date: July 13, 2013

One of the bridges

Robertsville State Park is a small park near Pacific, Missouri that has a single hiking trail along with its pond, campground, fields, and boat launch. This trail, the Spice Bush Trail, is a short 0.85-mile loop that begins along the main park road just north of the pond.

The trail is mostly flat with only 54 feet of elevation gain across its entire length. It passes through lowland forests along the Meramec River, although the trail never goes near/within view the river. There are several small pedestrian bridges along its length as the trail crosses a small stream. This trail is well-maintained, but otherwise has nothing unique about it. Aside from a pileated woodpecker, I thought the trail was fairly boring, and I probably won't be back.

See my track on AllTrails for more information.

Forest along the trail

The stream from on of the bridges

Another bridge
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