Baker's Pond Trail in Holly Springs National Forest

Baker's Pond, located in Holly Springs National Forest in northern Mississippi, is a spring-fed pond that is the source of the Wolf River. There is (as of January 2019) a ~0.5 mile (one-way) trail that gains about 150 feet of elevation (round trip) to the lake.

Baker's Pond from the hill to it's south

The trail starts at a trailhead not far off the south side of U.S. Highway 72. Accessing the trailhead requires driving down a well-maintained dirt road that is passable in any vehicle. There is small parking area at the trailhead, as well as a sign mentioning the importance of restoring the forest.

The trail was originally about a 2.5 mile loop that appears to have followed the road at some point according to this U.S. Forest Service map. However, in December 2015 an EF-4 tornado passed through the area just south of the pond and completely destroyed all of the forest in its path. Since that time the trail has been an out-and-back trail that ends on the south side of Baker's Pond.

The trailhead

The trail itself is an easy walk that begins by gently descending a small hill from the trailhead to the north side of the pond. Near the pond, the trail turns uphill and goes along the small hill on the west side of the pond and you must find your way around a few trees before descending back towards the south end of the pond. From this point any part of what was formerly the trail is not only impassible, but also unfindable as the ground is entirely covered in downed trees.

Tornado damage at the end of the trail

I have no idea if someday the trail will be rebuilt or a new trail will be constructed. Additionally, the trail itself never actually goes to the pond shore, and much of the pond is surrounded by fairly dense vegetation. The trail is open and accessible year-round, and there is no access fee.

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The trail passes near the north side of the pond before heading uphill off to the right of the photo

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