Davis Bridge Battlefield

Davis Bridge Battlefield (also known as the Battle of Hatchie's Bridge) is a historic site in southwestern Tennessee that was the site of a Civil War battle on October 5, 1862.

Location of monuments and graves in the battlefield

Today there are two areas of the battlefield open to the public. The first is an observation area along Pocahontas Road on Metamora Hill that served a the Union line. There is a parking area and and some interpretive signs on the hill.

The second site is directly west of and down the hill from the previous site along Essary Springs Road and part of Shiloh National Military Park. This area has a parking area, a gate blocking the old road (which is now a trail) and a sign at the entrance.

View from Metamora Hill

The trail is about one-third of a mile (one way) to the end of the trail (plus one-third of a mile back), with basically no change in elevation. The trail follows was used to be the road through the forest to the site of the bridge across the Hatchie River. There is one interpretive sign near the start of the trail and another along the river. Between them is an open area with Union and Confederate monuments and graves.

The Hatchie River at the end of the trail and at the site of the bridge

My recording of this short hike is on AllTrails.
There are more of my photos from Davis Bridge Battlefield in this album on Google Photos.

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