Ingomar Mounds

The Ingomar Mounds are a historic site in northeast Mississippi between Pontotoc and New Albany. There were 13 mound sites excavated at one point, but now only the large central mound remains. Some objects found at the site have been dated to 2200 years ago.

The main mound covered in trees

The site is located in a rural area and predominantly a field with a flat, gravel one mile walking path around the exterior of the property. A mowed grass path cuts across the center between the parking lot, mound, and opposite site of the gravel path. A set of wooden stair climb to the top of the mound, which is now covered in trees and basically an unnoticeable feature on the landscape if you didn't know it was a mound.

There are a set of interpretive signs about the mound at the parking area, as well as several about the natural features of the region along the walking path. The were a few benches and a run-down replica of a dwelling from the time period below the mound, but otherwise there was not much at the site.

The walking path

There are more photos of this site in this album.
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