Batesville Mounds

The Batesville Mounds site in on the National Register of Historic Places, located in Batesville, Mississippi, and encompasses sites occupied by people during the early to middle Woodland Period (500 BCE to 500 CE).

Mound C

There were originally seven mounds at the site, but two remain in good condition today, with two others visible but greatly eroded. Mound C is the largest, still standing around 20 feet tall, while there are borrow pits visible by Mound B. There are also two village sites in the vicinity of the mound, but do not have any visible remnants.

The mounds are located in a park that was opened in 2018. The park contains over 1.5 miles of paved and dirt trails, along with fields, forest, and a pond.

Mound B

Lowland forest along the Delta Wilderness Trail


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