Britton Hill, Florida

Britton Hill, at an elevation of 345 feet, is the highest point in Florida. It is located in the northwestern part of the state in the community of Lakewood, just across the border from Florala, Alabama.

Summit monument

The summit is located in a small park called Lakewood Park. There are some pavilions, restrooms, and a monument marking the high point.

A set of short loop trails 0.45, 0.59, 0.71 miles in length traverse through the forest west of the high point. All three trails start at the same point and eventually diverge before returning the the same point in the park. The trails simply go through the forest, are very easy, and there is not much else to see.

Trail through the forest

The hill itself isn't much higher than the surrounding area. However, to the east past the road the elevation does decline a bit and there is a bit of a view.

View to the east


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