Grand Teton National Park

Location: Jackson, Wyoming
Date: June 27, 2011

Tetons with balsamroot blooming below

The Teton Mountains are perhaps the most photographed and famous mountains in North America.  My visit for a few hours in June 2011 served two small purposes: to see the mountains for my first time since 2008 and to plan an extensive hiking trip for later in the summer because there was still a lot of snow in late June.  However, that later trip never happened as I had hoped for.


On this trip I entered from the south on Teton Park Road and stopped at a few pullouts where the balsamroot were in full bloom on the sagebrush flats.  I then drove up Signal Mountain, which is a small mountain that rises about 1000 feet out of the valley floor.  The view from the mountain was decent, but was not as great as I had hoped for.  Much of the view was to the east and south, with only a small section of the Tetons visible to the west rather than the all-encompassing view I had hoped for.

The view from Signal Mountain

After Signal Mountain my last stop was at Jackson Lake Dam where I had a largely uninterrupted view of the Tetons over Jackson Lake.  But the wind was fairly strong over the lake and I didn't spend much time there before heading on to Yellowstone.

Jackson Lake from the dam

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