Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh

Location: Hill City, Idaho
Date: June 8, 2011

Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh

The Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh is located near the community of Hill City in Camas County, Idaho.  Here on the flat valley floor Camas Creek has a large shallow floodplain that forms a marsh averaging twelve inches deep during late spring and early summer.   This marsh attracts many migrating waterfowl but is perhaps most famous for the intense concentration of Camas lilies that bloom en masse in late May or early June.

Yellow-headed blackbird

Signs from U.S. Route 20 direct you to the marsh, where accessible dirt roads traverse the marsh and provide great viewpoints.  During my visit the lilies were near peak bloom, which was late compared to most years.  However, there wasn't a great variety of birds, but there were plenty of yellow-headed blackbirds.

The Soldier Mountains from the marsh

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