Minidoka Ranger District, Sawtooth National Forest

Location: southern Idaho and northern Utah
Dates: June 20-23, 2011

The Minidoka Ranger District is the lesser known and visited section of Sawtooth National Forest in southern Idaho and northern Utah, far from the forest's namesake Sawtooth Mountains.  In this district there are several trails on the maps, but many are poorly maintained and seldom used, making them difficult to follow.

Balsamroot and an old cabin

The are several roads throughout the forest here, all are dirt/gravel, and most require four wheel drive or high clearance.  During early summer the area can be quite green with pleasant temperatures, but it dries out quickly towards mid summer.  This is a great area for riding mountain bikes and other off road vehicles, where doing so is permitted.

The mountains here are not spectacular, but may reach over 10,000 feet, and you can drive to the summit of Mount Harrison, the site of a plane crash in 1945 and a little known ski hill.  The Independence Lakes and Lake Cleveland are popular (relatively speaking) alpine lake destinations.

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