Great American Ball Park

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: June 8, 2013

Before the game

Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio is home to the MLB's Reds. The park is located along the banks of the Ohio River overlooking Kentucky with downtown behind the park. I went to a game on a dry, mid-70s evening that the Reds played (and won 4-2) against the St. Louis Cardinals.

My seat was in the upper deck behind home plate, the view from it was great, and it did not seem like the players were too far away. The only food I had at the park was a $5+ "Big Red" hot dog that had fried peppers and onions. There was nothing special about the food here that I noticed.

The ballpark from center field

Covington, Kentucky and the Ohio River from the ballpark

Downtown Cincinnati from near the ballpark

Great American Tower 

After the Reds win

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