Hoosier Hill, Indiana

Location: Bethel, Indiana
Summit elevation: 1257 feet
Distance: 100 ft round trip
Class: 1
Date: June 9, 2013

The commemorative rock on the summit of Hoosier Hill

Hoosier Hill, at an elevation of 1257 feet, is the highest point in Indiana. The hill is located at the eastern edge of Indiana about eight miles north of Richmond and Interstate 70. Hoosier Hill is not noticeably higher than the surrounding land, which is quite flat, although the drive on state route 227 between Richmond and Bethel is a road that is perhaps best described as wavy.

The final mile of the drive to the hill from the south passes through a farm until you see a sign for Hoosier Hill. There is a small parking area on the side of the road, and from the parking area it is a only about a 50-foot walk to the summit. The summit itself sits in a forested area at the edge of a farm field and has a picnic table, commemorative rock, and a mailbox with a register.

The summit

A very short loop trail goes through the forest around the summit. I took me only one minute to walk around the entire loop.

The loop trail

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