DeClue Trail, Greensfelder County Park

Distance: 6.25 miles round trip
Location: Wildwood, Missouri
Date: June 18, 2013

DeClue Trail along the park road

The DeClue Trail is one of the many trails in Greensfelder County Park in western St. Louis County, Missouri. This trail is in the southern portion of the park just north of Six Flags, and the screams and other noises from the park are very audible from parts of the trail.

The DeClue is a loop trail that begins at a parking lot on the west side of the Allenton-Six Flags road. It parallels part of this and the park road for some distance in both directions. Eventually the trail breaks from the road and turns into one of the most inefficiently routed trails I have been on. I think that much of the trail has been designed to maximize the trail's distance and suitability for mountain bikers, leading to unnecessary switchbacks.

A stream along the trail

The park's website lists the trail as a 6.7-mile loop, but my GPS shows it as a 6.25-mile loop according to my track. However, there were several unmarked intersections and misleading trail signs that could have led to me taking a shortcut. But who knows? I thought I followed the most clearly marked path.

DeClue Trail

This trails goes through forest for nearly its entire length, but just north of Six Flags it passes through a small glade with a few sparse trees. There are no views or anything noteworthy along its length. There is only one section of the trail that I though was very steep, but this trail is largely fairly flat to moderate in elevation change. The trail, which is also part of the Green Rock Trail, does pass over a small stream and waterfall, although there wasn't much water in these despite there being a heavy rain the day before. Parts of the trail appear to be excellent for mountain biking, but other parts are extremely rocky.

See my track on AllTrails for more information.

A glade

A small waterfall a day after a rain

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