Castillo de San Marcos

Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Date: January 1, 2014

Southern side of the fort

Castillo de San Marcos in the oldest masonry fort in the United States (not counting Puerto Rico), having been built in 1672 in St. Augustine, Florida by the Spanish. Rather than go into the fort's history here, just check out the Wikipedia article on it. Today the fort is a national monument and open to the public daily, although there is a $7 per person entrance fee (or free with a federal lands pass).

You can walk around the fort's grounds as well as through many its rooms and on its roof. There are park rangers and volunteers around to answer questions, and there were even people reenacting and demonstrating how the cannons were fired (as well as plenty of pigeons sitting on the fort). After stopping here I continued to the St. Augustine Light and Fort Matanzas on a rain New Year's Day.

Center of the fort

View north

Cannons on the south side


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