Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Location: Powell, Ohio
Date: January 9, 2014

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

I went to the Columbus Zoo on a winter weekday afternoon only to find that I was perhaps one of three or four visitors in the zoo that I saw (it was half price admission). The entire Asian section of the zoo was closed, and the Congo section was basically closed as well since most of the animals there were indoors and out of sight. But nearly all the animals in the North American section of the zoo were out and about, including wolves, a mountain lion, bobcats, polar bear, brown bear, and moose among others, but unfortunately I couldn't find the wolverine which I really wanted to see. The fish and manatees in the small aquarium and animals in the herpetarium were of course going about their business as if it wasn't winter outside.


Arctic foxes

Banggai cardinalfish

Gila monsters

Mexican gray wolves

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