Monument Valley

Location: on the border of Arizona and Utah
Date: April 10, 2011

View from the visitor center

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park encompasses perhaps the most iconic landscape of the American West, having appeared in many films. In this section of the Colorado Plateau red rock sandstone buttes rise up to 1000 feet above the valley floor.

The monument is a part of the Navajo Indian Reservation and is accessed from U.S. highway 163 in southern Utah, but the majority of the buttes are in Arizona.  A paved road leads to a visitor center and hotel overlooking the monument.  From there a dirt loop road that can be driven by most vehicles travels among the buttes.  You can also take a guided tour around the monument and to areas that are closed to those not on tours.

The Wildcat Trail is a 3.2 mile loop trail that goes around the West Mitten near the visitor center.  This trail is generally flat, although there is some elevation gain on your way out.

West Mitten

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