Navajo National Monument

Location:  northeast Arizona
Date: April 10, 2011


Navajo National Monument protects three well-preserved cliff dwellings in what is now the Navajo Reservation in northeast Arizona.  Two of the ruins, Keel Seel and Betatakin can be visited on guided tours, while the third, Inscription House is currently closed.


Betatakin is the most visited of the ruins because it is located below the visitor center.  From the visitor center a paved trail goes down a short distance to an overlook of the canyon below, and Betatakin is situated in a huge alcove across the canyon.  This cliff dwelling originally contained 120 rooms and was occupied for a short time from AD 1250 to 1300 and was abandoned because of a severe drought.

View from above Betatakin Canyon

Another trail goes down from the visitor center to an overlook at the end of the canyon.  This same trail leads to the ruins, but is gated when not on a guided tour.

Betatakin Canyon overlook

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